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Kindly, read NOMAD-CHIC thoroughly before sending us your pitch so you can make sure the idea and tone you intend to take is in line with our editorial mission (…creative, global, original, spirited and smart…). Many thanks.

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We’re all about the intersection between global culture and pop chic. Anchor your story in a destination and connect the dots.

Our collages are reflections of modern nomad culture, digital inspiration boards. If there’s something NOMAD CHIC that you’re really loving on, please send us your idea and writing samples.

Are you an artist with a favorite quote about traveling and living the NOMAD-CHIC life? We love when image and text merge. Send us a sketch of a yet unpublished piece.

A first person story about a favorite swim experience.
Send us a little info about yourself, your wanders and your wonders.

Are you an expert on a certain city? We’re looking for writers to do mini-guides on the chicest side of cities around the world. You must really know the city well though– Who, What, Where, When, and Why’s of your take on the chicest hotels, shops, restaurants, destinations, and other spaces where one can experience inspired moments.