The world’s oldest candles. “The Great Candle,” a leather and bergamot-scented concoction in a hand blown mahogany & gold embellished case that retails for $615 burns for hundreds of hours, and is 6” tall – when you’re done with it, you have a really fancy vase.
Or you can go for a $98 mini 
Gorgeous and a little creepy with the face of a famed opera singer on the front, Fornasetti candles are hand-decorated in Italy. In every scent from lavender to cedar to thyme.
From $165
D.L. & Company  
Douglas Little – the “modern alchemist and purveyor of curious goods” who has designed holiday windows for Van Cleef – makes scalloped candles; a cult favorite that will make a whole house smell of hemlock, amber or rhubarb; the wax is so soft you can rub on radiator to make your whole house smell of the candle’s scent; put raw crystals in the shell when it’s burnt to its end.
From $35
L'Objet Malachite
A beautiful porcelain jar trimmed in hand-gilded 24-karot gold with the scent of champagne. Malachite is a stone of transformation and spiritual development, used to clears obstacles and aid as one attains goals.
From $125
Simple scented soy based candles kept in hand-blown glass vessels in fig, sea green, burnt orange, and sunflower yellow shades. Make lovely, saturated drinking glasses or mini vases.
From $40
The holiday collector’s edition is always stunning, and this year’s is no exception. Instead of having an ornament for every year, why not keep a collection of each year’s Diptyques?
From $68
Astier de Villatte 
Each of 20 handmade candles evokes the scent of a different place around the world – from the orange blossom-scented Delphi to a sage Stockholm to the citrusy, spicy Hong Kong.
From $83
Antica Farmacista 
Crisp, romantic Prosecco-scented candles in a gold lined clear case; perfect for a glass to serve some rather casual Prosecco in later.
From $44


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