We're on a road, a journey, and like any wise traveler, we read the signs. Tarot, runes, astrology, are the signposts on the way. Take a left instead of a right, stop, go, change direction. 
I've been thinking a lot about what it means to get lost. Because in the two dimensional world, we don't usually look as lost as we may feel- we’re still in the same apartment, calling ourselves the same name, with the same friends, doing the same things. But we can be totally, maddeningly, adrift in the spiritual moors. Lost. Lost means to not be able to get home. And what is home? It’s Love. As humans, home is love. Whenever we wander away from what we love, doing what we love, loving whom we love, self-love, and giving love, we get lost. Whenever we are not on a path of Love, we're lost. As Carlos Castaneda says, “Ask yourself, does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn't it is of no use.”
I think when we wander off the love path, or don't know how to get out of the dark, or which step to take, we get lost. Divinations help us get back home. They part the mists. They give us a YES or NO where there was a clouded over maybe. The shine lights in the dark for us. Yes, they are signs to help us get home. Ask, and you shall receive. So have the courage to ask. Have the courage to peer into the great mystery. What you’ll find is what you have known all along. What you’ll find is the wisdom you already had, just reaffirmed by the Universe. And couldn’t we all use a loving hand on our backs to guide us along. That’s what divination- tarot, runes, readings, messages, signs, do. Is put a hand on our backs, and guide us home.
“This way,” these signs whisper to your heart. “This is the way home.”

~Sarah Durham Wilson
DOITGIRL : Awakening the Divine Feminine
November 2013