design by rebecca johnson
design by rebecca johnson
  “When the sun sets there is a spark of light, the exact moment that is the last moment, le rayon vert. But here, on this lazy isle, surrounded by lucid azure seas, the ray, the flash is not green, but red. Red to pink, to violet, to blossoming orange, sudden fractured glints of colored lights, blaze over and capture the eye . The watery horizon swallows the vermillion sun whole. The glowing orb gushed as in dipped through the brink on the line that joins the sea and the sky. Red prevails, sparks then sustains, if only to pair with the age-old mariners phrase, ‘Red Sky at night, sailor’s delight’. Another day is ending, another step closer to the cease of our sojourn. 
September is a month meant for those who linger, if only it could be endless. Not that traditional summer months aren’t deemed enjoyable, but this is a month of transition, when summer heat turns to early autumnal breeze. September renders nature beyond beauty. Ripened and renewed, like the sweet figs hanging on trees. The time of harvest, the fruits beacon, filling the groves and gardens full with grace, once more before seasons change. The next few weeks are precious, held in perfect standstill, perfect because it cannot last. September is fleeting.
A pledge of languid days has brought us to this land jutting from the Aegean seascape.  We set up the room, rolled out a rattan rug and strung sea glass and boat tickets around wooden beams, picture reminders and escapes. Travel tokens set in motion and placed thoughtfully to provide a moment to reminisce, the simple sanctuary. This rented room becomes a room for things we will bring home. With our added décor and selvedge memory, it is late summers home, providing a restful place in the afternoon, a handsome place surrounded by stone boundary walls."


September 2013