As the moon pulls our inner tides (we’re over 50% water after all) so does wearing a moonstone subtly – and not so subtly – affect our energyimage-6240078-10731106, heightening within us the feminine qualities of sensitivity, receptivity, intuition, and clairvoyance. Wearing a crystal or natural object attunes us to that gentle but powerful planet, connecting us to the energy within. Wearing a moonstone, the stone of ‘new beginnings’, when the moon is full greatly heightens those powers.

Ancient Romans believed that moonstone, sacred to the Goddess Diana, was made from moonlight, perhaps due to the quality that polished moonstone has of an inner light known as adularescence. This light appears to move as the stone is rotated and so mirrorsq7105c37w1-LSOQMMTULNMTPNNMS the waxingimage-6240078-10451141 and waningimage-6240078-10731106 quality of the moon’s phases. It is said that if you place a moonstone in your mouth on the full moon, you will be able to foresee your future. Wearing or carrying a moonstone is believed to help bring a new love into your life. Place a piece of moonstone on your bedside table, and it is said your true love will appear in your dreams. Or should you want to take a very active hand in your destiny, give a moonstone to your lover on the full moon and you will always be passionately in love.
Throughout history, moonstone was used as an amuletimage-6240078-10731106 to
protect the wearer. It was a good luck stone especially when travelingimage-6240078-11165035. Today, it is used to open up the emotions and our insight63103vvzntrCJFHDDKLCEDHIEEHEimage-6240078-10731106. This month brings a a New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 20th and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th.  Wear it on the new moon to soothe stress. Wear it on the full moon and let it open you up to your true self.

-Alba Brunetti

March 2015

originally published:
November 2012