COLLAGE: BAREFACED BEAUTY: Organic Masks for Beautiful Skin
COLLAGE: BAREFACED BEAUTY: Advice for looking and feeling your best COLLAGE: BAREFACED BEAUTY: Botanical Oils & Organic Cosmetics for Beautiful Skin
  In addition to a healthy diet, exfoliating masks by Dr. Alkaitis are the perfect (and edible) formulas for summertime skin. The Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask is a gentle and effective anti-aging treatment, which removes skin debris, while supplying antioxidants and minerals.  The treatment, a NOMAD favorite, has a brightening effect, which aids in getting that light-reflecting glow. For a bit more intensity, Dr. Alkaitis’s Organic Flower Mask is an activating mask that doubles as an exfoliating scrub, and gives energy to a dull complexion. Add a dab of Jiva-Apoha Atman oil for divine aromatherapy.  

The Natural Sea Mineral Polish by Lancer is a gentle skin-resurfacing polish containing natural sea minerals and exfoliating enzymes- another way to achieve hydrated, smooth skin.  Holly Beth Organics Grits & Honey Scrub is an at-home treatment, which harnesses the restorative properties of honey to produce healthy, refined skin texture.  Ren’s Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm - a blend of Olive, Basil, and Peppermint oils- removes dead skin cells and leaves skin moisturized, renewed, and radiant.  Create an at-home skin remedy using baking soda.  “The tiny granules of sodium bicarbonate buff away pore-clogging dead skin cells and are gentle enough for all skin types,” says Janice Cox, coauthor of Eco Beauty.  And, like many other natural salts, baking soda has slightly antiseptic properties, which helps prevent breakouts.

To ensure the effectiveness of the masks, one must properly exfoliate.  Begin by wetting the fingertips.  It is key to leave one’s face dry.  Take a pinch of an exfoliating mask or natural agent* (raw oatmeal, grains, organic sugar or coffee grinds) with clean, damp fingertips.  Rub fingers together to spread out the scrub.  Start by rubbing in small, swirling, upward circles across cheeks, chin, nose, upper lip, and forehead, for sixty seconds to three minutes.  Flatten hands and press the palms against your face while drawing big circles across cheeks, chin, and forehead for half a minute.  Re-moisten hands, if need be.  Rinse your face, and complete the process with a splash of cold water to close pores.  Follow up with a favorite serum or oil to lock in moisture.

*NOTE: Make sure you have no dietary allergies or reactions to the ingredient.


~Susan Brickell


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