Photograph by Yvette Jong
  “I walk out onto the street and eight Tibetan 5-year olds breakdancing to pirated Kanye West outside my guesthouse* in Lhasa. It was one of those moments that made me smile so hard my cheeks hurt.  It was an amazing way to end a 10-day trip in a 4x4 from Kathmandu through Tibet. The innocence and high spirits of children playing out cross cultural phenomenon’s and old-school New York style- found in one of the most remote and unexpected locations- is a favorite memory from my travels.”
* I enjoyed a nasty yak milk tea on their roof with snipers pointing their rifles at me across the road- nasty because yak milk tea is nasty, not because the place was nasty- snipers because we’re in Tibet and Big Brother is watching. The guesthouse has a great boutique shop where I bought Henry, my yak puppet made from local craftswomen.

~Yvette Jong
Yvette loves to laugh and chats with everyone who has a story to share.  She is also the founder of Craft House LLC, based in Hong Kong and New York.
December 2012