"Gold receives its influence from the Sun, which is, as it were, the Heart of the world and by communicating these influences to the human heart it serves to fortify and cleanse it from all impurities."
Take a hint from our ancient beauty gurus and opt for the gold treatment on your next trip to the spa. Gold has made its luminous appearance in beauty regimens spanning the globe throughout history. The skin of ancient Egyptian Gods was often personified in gold. The lustruos precious metal was one of the aristocracy’s favorite go-to beauty products. A gold mask was applied to help absorb pollutants and regulate the skin’s ionic balance. A warm gold lid dusted with luxe shadow brightens the face and deliverhigh dramab274z15u-yJQMOKKRSJLKRNLLKQ with very little work. In modern times, golden tresses are synonymous with a gilded style of living. Philosophically and mathematically the Golden Mean represents harmonious relationships, beauty and a sense of equilibrium. Gold, a metal that never corrodes or tarnishes, must surely be the elixir of life, the ultimate treasure .
-Gina DellaGioia

October 2012