In eastern philosophy, the seasons of the year correspond to elements found in nature. Known as the Five Elements, winter corresponds to water, spring to wood, summer to fire, late summer to earth, and fall to metal. Autumn exhibits and expresses metallic properties and predispositions and is especially vulnerable to dis-ease such as allergies and “dryness”. The goal in fall is to keep "metal" issues balanced and “healthy.” 
Chinese medicine is founded on the belief that vital energy (Qi) is life force, and balanced Qi means good health, which manifests in beauty. Without getting too complicated, Chinese Medicine keeps metal in balance by helping clients to “let go.” This metal time of year is all about "letting go." People move on and summer’s flights of fancy chill -an adjective that well describes metal's characteristics. 
Since the medicine is nature-based, we look to the environment to get answers. This time of the year the trees have to let go of their leaves, and so too do we need to let go of what no longer serves us, mentally, physically or emotionally, so that we can move into winter, the time of storage, the Ultimate Yin upon which we will build our wood (and houses and dreams and hopes) from the promise of spring. And the cycle repeats.
October 2013