Collage by Monica Brand
By August, the air is so thick and heavy that lounging becomes necessary for survival. A lady can only withstand so many 100 plus degree-days before the pretense of keeping up a busy pace wears off.  Thankfully, the languorous mood of summer’s end lends itself to an aesthetic of indulgence; and though our ladies may be a century apart – the gal on the left brings to mind an odalisque from an Errol Flynn movie…in a gypsy camp… as shot by Bellocq (Pretty Baby, the silent film version) and the woman on the right, photographed by Hans Feurer for Vogue Turkey, looks plucked from the Ingres bedding section of ABC Carpet and Home   the spirit they capture is the same: flouncy and free, sensual and ornate, loose and languid…hot!....a mash-up of texture and print and color, hair that is artfully disheveled. Both are well embellished  rings on every finger, layered necklaces, bracelets crawling up the arm.

Because when it’s too hot to move, a woman makes up for it in spectacle. And hardware. 

-Jessie Knadler

August 2012