A SWEET SPOT by Annee Elliot
“There's a beach in Montauk that is extra, extra special. I can't give you the location — because I'm a good surfer who'd never give spots away. I can tell you it's where we, tight friends, go to escape the crowds. And if the elements come together there's a sweet right and left break. I feel like I'm thousands of miles away when I'm in this cove. It's so worth the trek— gear, fried chicken and beer in tow. The sand is softer, the sky is bluer and the water is finer. I can spend the whole day here; swimming, surfing, and sunning.” 
I highly recommend The Crow's Nest for end of the day lounging. It has a nice, chill vibe.
  • -Annee Elliot
Annee Elliot was born in Stockholm where she grew up near the water. A photo agent for fifteen years, now a producer, she organizes yoga and surfing retreats around the world.

September 2012

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